Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Press Release Service

Our mission is to publish and distribute your press releases to your target audience, journalists and blogers; increase your online visibility to produce guaranteed results with search engine optimization (SEO):

SEO press releases comprise relevant keywords words that best describe a theme of a product, service or event, so that search engines index news releases appropriately for consumers, jouranlists, bloggers and aggregating news services to fine. Today's SEO press releases, however, do not depend on keywords or text alone. Press releases today come with a variety of multimedia and Web 2.0 tools: pictures or images, video, sound or podcasts, sharing and bookmark tools.

Anchored keywords:
Picking relevant keywords is a start for SEO. If you've determined the appropriate keywords, they should be be placed on title, first paragraph and body of your press release. These keywords should be anchored to links of your landing pages:

  • Anchored links should be pointed to landing pages with relevant content that describes your product or service.
  • These keywords may also inlcude regional names of cities, states, counties or countries the company is targeting. Regional keyword names help news aggregating sites to distribute news releases accordingly; search engines too will index press releases based on regional keywords.

Pictures, Images or Logos:
Include images of your products, images that illustrates your services or your company's logo. Anchored images, tagged with “ALT” phrases help search engines to index your release. Images are also displayed on news search engines, news agregating sites, blogs and social network news sites. Blogers and journalists are likely to use images for illustratation. Images, at least, also serve to brand your company.


Include a podcast in your release for approximately 70 millions of online users to download. Including a podcast in your release will also help online users find your missive on Itunes, Real Player and Windows Media, just name a few of the popular podcasting directories and search engines.

Video search engines are becoming very popular among online users. Youtube is the second or third largest search engine - this means that online users will find your video clips of products or services. Note that major search engine such as Google, Yahoo, Live and Ask also index videos.

EmailWire.Com offers search engine optimized press releases. Our press release distribution plans come with capabilities for your press release to be opitimized. EmailWire.Com allows you to post press releases with anchored texts. Our system also allows our clients to submit images and videos. If you need help with search engine optimization of your press releases, the cost is $299 for a 500-word or less press release. Order SEO press release plan by calling 281-645-4086.

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