Press Release Format - Components of a Press Release

Press release formats have changed with the advent of the Internet. For example, search engine optimization (SEO) has changed the way press releases are formated. However, below are primary components of a press release that are used to fromat a news release:

    Headline / Title
    The headline or title of a press release tells the audience what the press release is about, and it should be 100 to 150 characters long. It should grab your audience’s attention.

    A subtitle explains the headline. It should be a summary of your press release in one to two sentences.

    The dateline of a news release contains the date a press release was issued. It also contains city and state the press release was issued. A press release on has the following dateline: “(EMAILWIRE.COM, February 01, 2008) Houston, TX.”

    The introduction of your press release should carry all the messages you want to convey. It should answer the five Ws (Who What, When Why and How).

    The body of a press release should have details of your press release: background information, statistics, quotes or testimonies. If you are writing about a product or service, state its characteristics and benefits for your audience.

    Boilerplate/About Company or Person
    In most press releases you’ll see “About the Company”, for example, “About GroupWeb Media LLC.” This section of the press release gives background information about the company that is issuing the press release. Such information is also known as a boilerplate.

    A boilerplate can also mean a template of a press release; information of on a company that can be used over and over again without changing. Hence the background of a company in most case remains the same. When you write a press release you can insert the boilerplate into you’re news release. Boilerplates are often right before the ending of a pres release.

    End or Close
    A press release ends with a close symbol: “###.” This tells the reader that what had to be said in the release is ended.

    Contact Information
    If you are sending your news release to the media via the traditional method, place your contact information at the top left preceding the word “For Immediate Release.” If your press release is for online distribution, place your contact information at the bottom of your release.

    For Immediate Release
    This phrase tells the news media that the issued news release should be published immediately. Otherwise a press release may have an embargo. It is not necessary to use this format when you are submiting a press release on, becuase press releases are often released as they're posted.

    Embargoed News Release
    A press release that should be held and released on a particular date is known as embargoed news release.

    Inverted Pyramid
    The method of providing most relevant information at the beginning of news release writing is known as inverted pyramid. Use this format of writing and it will pay greatly. People read less, so you want to grab their attention within the first sentences of your press release what you have to say. Expand on your topic further in the body of your press releases. This format is often used by journalists.

The above components make a press release format. However, you can read more on how to format SEO press releases. If you need help with how to format your press releases or how to search engine optimize your press releases, please contact us by calling 281-645-4086.

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