Press Release Service Comparison

If you are about to write and distribute a press release for the first time, you are likely to use your favorite search engine to search for "press release service comparison." There isn't much on the internet on the topic even with about hundred press release services. However, what you should look for in comparing press release distributon services are the following: media distribution lists, pricing, customer service, reporting, and results.

Press release Media Distribution List
Any press release distribution or newswire service should have a media distribution points. Before you pay for any press release service ask to see a media distribuion list. Does the company has partnerships with news aggregators, syndicating or newswire services. If a website is claiming to provide press release service and it has no relelatonship with media aggregatores or syndicators, the company should at least have media list. There are websites that claim to provide press release services, yet they do not have media list. If you find such a website and purchase a service from them, you are wasting your valuable time and money.

When you see the distribution list, ask yourself whether the list meets your target audience If the search the company relies on search engine indexing of their press releases you want to ascertain that will be enough for your media campaign. Search engines have become the means consumers, journalists and experts in various fields use for research. Therefore the minimum a press release service should provide is search engine optimization (SEO) of its clients' press releases.

Press release Pricing
If you have found a company that provide a good media distribution list and offers search engine optimization for its clients' press release, the next thing to look for is pricing. What is the company charging for press release distribution? Pricing for a media campaign varies with many newswire services. The price varies from free to thousands of dollars. There are many websites that offer free press release service. Their idea is to get you register to their website so that they get your e-mail address or get your eyeballs. However, it really comes down to "You get what you pay for." This old adage remains true today. However, the price of of a press release should really depends on what you want in a media campign. offers press release pricing plans that will meet many budgets.

Customer Service
If you find a company that has the right distribution list and the right price for your media campaign, then the next thing to compare is customer service. Is the press release distribution company going to response to your e-mails, or are they going to respond to and return your phone calls. A good newswire service should have someone available to respond to clients' questions. takes customer service very seriously. We work with customers to meet cotheir needs from the buying process to distribution of press releases to followup with reporting. Customer service should be key comparision factor to cocustomer consider when looking for a press release service provider.

Therefore, before you buy a media campaign for the first time, call prospective companies, see if they respond to your phone calls. Are they cordial? Do they provide answers to your questeions? If you leave a voice mail, how quikly do they return your call? Check if the press release service provider has testimonials and references. These will give you an idea where a company stands as far as customer service is concern.

Press Release Reporting
While customer service is important, you want to see results when you pay for a press release distribution. While results are difficult to measure, you should get a report that shows where your press releases have been published. provides EmailWireClip - a clipping report that shows clients where their press releases have been published during each campaign. While some press release distribution plans do not have clipping reports, will provide a clipping report for minimal fee. The reports show proof that press releases have been published at media distribution points that are stated in the distribution list.

In conclusion, press release service comparison is necessary. Therefore, before you buy a press release distribution campaing from a newswire service, compare its media distribution lists. Make sure the media lists match your target audience. See if the price fits your budget and compare customer service. Make sure the company you choose is going to respond to pertenant questions you ask. While customer service is important, you should expect some kind of reporting from your newswire service - a report that shows results., a global newswire and press releases distribution, has distribution lists and pricing to meet your needs and customer service to help your duing your media distribution campaign. guarantees results through its clipping service.

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