is a service of GroupWeb Media LLC. We are an online media company that specializes in press release distribution, newswire services, news aggregation and dissemination.

Press Release Distribution: uses newswires, RSS feeds, e-mail, fax, FTP uploads and other Internet-based technologies to distribute press releases to your target audience. We take your news to 70,000 journalists in over 22,000 newsrooms in the format they request. This assures that your releases are delivered and they receive the attention they deserve.

Our distribution channels with major wire services such as PR Newswire enables your release to reach or appear on thousands of global, national and local newspapers, television and radio stations, 60,000 trade publications and over 3,600 online news sites, databases, intranets or extranets: Reuters, AP, Dow Jones, Bloomberg, Gannett News, Knight Ridder Los Angeles Times, New York Times, MSNBC, Yahoo!, Lycos, AOL, MSN, Moreover, Google News, CBS MarketWatch, Excite, Motley Fool, NASDAQ, Hoover's, Lexis-Nexis, Factiva and many more. See distribution options and pricings.

EmailWireClip™ Reports:

After we distribute your press release, we provide you with a EmailWireClip™ -- a report from our clipping service. Use it to watch your press release appear in full text and links over online news sites, databases, newswires and search engines.

EmailWireClip™ comes in two versions: EmailWireClip™ Complimentary and EmailWireClip™ Paid. Each time we send out a press release, we'll send you a complimentary report of EmailWireClip™ with up to 5 links showing where your press release has been published online. This report is available upon request. However, if you need a thorough clipping of your press release online, we will present you with EmailWireClipT Paid. This report contains a minimum of 10 clippings or links for $50.

See EmailWireClip&trade in action:

Press Release Distribution Reports:

We craft your press release in 500 words or less in a newsworthy format. Turnaround time is within 48 hours:

  • We craft your press release in 500 words or less based on your product or service.
  • We extract information from your website, newsletters or any other related documents on your product or service; we also gather information from you or from any other key person of your company through a simple email questionnaire, then we use that information to write a concise but newsworthy press release.
  • Satisfaction is guaranteed. After we write your press release, we submit it to you for approval. We do not distribute your press release until you are completely satisfied.
  • Our service is fast and accurate. We write and distribute your press release within 48 hours with your approval.
  • For $498, we write and distribute your press release. You save $99. Contact us today for your press release writing needs, or simply place your order online.

See one of press releases we have written and distributed here.