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DmtDream, Flints Next Prodigy exploding in the Hip-Hop scene! Dream The Young Psychedelic Influencer, is a Bright Change of pace out of Flint Michigan! With the recent release “Every Color” The Debut Music Video Located on YouTube with Keeping Tabs Media, The Psychedelic influencer is really putting the PRESSURE on, in, and around The music World! The second Visual found on Dream’s YouTube page hit 100K streams & 8.8K likes in the First Month! This is a very exciting start to The Psychedelic RockStar’s Career. With only 2 Visuals out no Audio’s at the moment Dmt, is over 100K streams in just two videos in a single month willl be very exciting watching DmtDream hit his stride this summer!

IGTV Streaming Stats

11,000,000 (+) Streams on IGTV

Legendary Ft. Space King - Visual - 6M’s Streamed

Every Color - Visual - IGTV - 2.7M’s Streamed

Language of Love - Visual - IGTV - 2.4M’s Streamed

7th Seal Preview (Reel)(Official Audio) - IGTV - 1.4M’s Streamed

Multiverse ft. Jay the Prophet Preview (Reel)(Official Audio) - IGTV - 567K Streams

YouTube Stats

136K (+) Streamed on YouTube

Language of Love (Visual) Found on DmtDream YouTube channel with a 100,000(+) streams & 10K likes

DmtDream is excited to share in the beginning of June 2021, “Language of Love” The Official Music Video will be released on YouTube, On DmtDream’s Official YouTube page! This will be Dream’s Second Video, Displaying another track from the E.P. Which released 2 Months ago! Language of Love, is one of the more personal Songs Off the current project. It’s runs you through a few of Dmt’s more intense moments with psychedelics, the first moment is with Dmt (What a shocker),while going through this experience one of the many exciting parts was Exploring another dimensional plane where he meet God.

The second being where he does an unbelievably amount of Lsd, Dosing on 10,000Ug you can say The Psychedelic RockStar fell deep while off Lsd. The Video shot by Jonathan McKay, The owner of Keeping Tabs Media & Dreams Manager! Dmt is also Excited to announce FOR THE SUMMER ONLY, FEATURES will be $1000, comes with verse( FULLY MIXED & MASTERED), Video, & FULL PRESS COVERAGE!

It’s is clear between Dmt’s high level lyricism & confident flow Dream has set a new standard for his Conscious message! Dmt isn’t slowing down, he is currently in the middle of getting ready to drop a with Michigan local SpaceKing. They will be dropping a Video on DmtDream’s Official YouTube Page to kick off the Launch for the Single! A release date is not yet set, stay tuned you are not gonna wanna miss out! Loads of amazing music coming out of this group all summer.

the second visual highlights “Language of Love”! Dream never stops! Dmt went to the Northern Tip of Michigan for Filming with Keeping Tabs Media For Memorial Weekend. With the release of “Language of Love” RoarJMcKay displays his skills as a Videographer once again!

Dmt is really staying grounded, The Psychedelic RockStar is finding his way up in the current Hip-Hop Scene! Lots of New Exposure has put Dmt in the Spotlight, With 3 current Labels Interested in capturing the Young Prospects Signature! DmtDream is in no rush, very much enjoying the independent Route!

One of the many reasons Dmt is attracted to music, the fluent subconscious rhythm along the vibrational edge! It speaks to so many with zero words yet allowing similar energy felt! Music is a savior for most & for Dmt is a very personal Love felt through most of his life.

As a young individual Dream had many attempts trying to figure his musical journey, at the age of 12 he played his first instrument, The electric Guitar! Through middle school the cherry red fender Stratocaster, would come to be the first signs of Greatness from The Psychedelic RockStar! Coming into his young adult-hood, The high school day he was a student athlete very highly ranked regionally & Nationally, those were some of the most important building blocks to give Dmt the edge later in life.