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My Personal Health, LLC. provides self designed medical programs for people that desire to take charge of their health. You may design your own program, work in conjunction with your physician or work with a physician provided by My Personal Health. Each program provides health improvement options, medical tests, pharmaceutical grade supplements, diet program options, and lifestyle options.

The self designed programs address medical issues including hormones, bioidentical hormone replacement therapies, menopause, hot flashes, night sweats, andropause, cardiovascular system issues, heart attacks, immune system issues, weight loss including hCG weight loss, gastrointestinal issues including heartburn, diarehea and constipation, metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance, cancer prevention, libido, erectile dysfunction, sleep issues(insomnia). brain acuity, memory, anxiety and depression.

My Personal Health is located in Golden Colorado but provides services and products to people throughout North America. Our goal is to assist you in finding and utilizing the most effective medical treatment programs that you desire. Please visit our website at

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