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IoT In The General Chemical Product Market

(EMAILWIRE.COM, October 24, 2018 ) Many companies in this market are adopting IoT (Internet of Things) technologies to connect equipment and smart devices to garner real time insights and locate gaps in the manufacturing process. The data obtained is processed, analyzed and interpreted by plant managers... more

Photocopying Industry Shifting From Analogue Copiers To Digital Copiers!

(EMAILWIRE.COM, October 24, 2018 ) The photocopiers industry is witnessing a rapid shift from analogue copiers to digital copiers. A digital copying machine consists of a scanner for reading documents as digital data, a laser unit to form images, and an output unit for printing the image formed.... more

Driverless Locomotives In The Engine, Turbine, And Power Transmission Equipment Manufacturing Market

(EMAILWIRE.COM, October 23, 2018 ) Driverless locomotive technology offers control over all the trains and a predefined railroad infrastructure for intelligent navigation. Automated trains are being used to increase the network capacity, effective control and monitor of traffic. These trains use... more

Biocides The Lifeline Of Paints

(EMAILWIRE.COM, October 23, 2018 ) Biocides are being used in paints to enhance their longevity and to maintain their quality. Biocide additives have been designed to keep bacteria from spoiling paints during storage or to keep fungi and algae from growing on the applied paints. The market for biocides... more

Innovation In The Adhesives Market - Efficient And Time Saving

(EMAILWIRE.COM, October 23, 2018 ) Adhesives companies are developing new adhesives to cater to the needs of various industries. The various types of adhesives being developed are pressure-sensitive adhesives, pre-cut layered adhesive films and stick-to-skin adhesives. Pressure-sensitive adhesives... more

Use Of 6-Axis CNC Milling Machines For High Quality Products

(EMAILWIRE.COM, October 23, 2018 ) Rolling mill machinery manufacturers are offering advanced 6-axis CNC milling machines to efficiently fabricate complex components. CNC milling is a specific type of computer numerical controlled (CNC) machining. This involves the use of computers to control machine... more

The Use Of 3D SEM For High-Resolution Imaging

(EMAILWIRE.COM, October 23, 2018 ) Optical instrument manufacturers are offering three-dimensional scanning electron microscopes for high-resolution imaging. 3D SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope) generates a high spatial resolution 3D model of a microscopic object. It uses a beam of electrons to... more

Green Networks In The Communications Hardware Market

(EMAILWIRE.COM, October 23, 2018 ) Rapid increase in energy consumption has been recognized as a major threat to environmental protection and sustainable development. Communications hardware accounts for about 2%-4% of the total global carbon emissions. Due to access to the high-speed internet provided... more

Green Networks A Sustainable Solution For The Telecom Industry

(EMAILWIRE.COM, October 22, 2018 ) A rapid increase in energy consumption in wireless networks has been recognized as a major threat for environmental protection and sustainable development. Due to access to the high-speed internet provided by the next generation wireless networks and to increased... more

Catering Services Going High Tech

(EMAILWIRE.COM, October 22, 2018 ) Advances in technology in the catering services and food contractors industry has helped companies to reduce the turnaround time and increase productivity. They help companies to reduce the time to produce meals and maximize the output. For example, in January 2016,... more

Asia Pacific Empty Capsules Market is expected to be valued at USD 527.45 Million by 2023

(EMAILWIRE.COM, October 18, 2018 ) Asia Pacific Empty Capsules Market Overview: Empty capsules are oral dosage forms, which are based on the type of manufacturing material that comes in variety of sizes and colors such as pearl capsules and flavored capsules. There are various types of capsules... more

Asia Pacific Disposable Medical Devices Sensors Market is currently valued at USD 1.28 billion in 2018

(EMAILWIRE.COM, October 16, 2018 ) Asia Pacific Disposable Medical Devices Sensors Market Overview Disposable medical devices sensors are transportable scanning gadgets, which are specifically used for affected person tracking and prognosis of diseases. These sensors are used to degree respiration... more

Hydrogen Gas- The Right Fuel For Automobiles

(EMAILWIRE.COM, October 16, 2018 ) Cars powered by hydrogen gas are being produced by some automobile manufacturers driving demand for this industrial gas. These cars produce lower emissions than traditional vehicles, as the only emission from the car is water either in the form of water vapor or... more

Organic Fertilizer- A Sustainable Way Of Farming

(EMAILWIRE.COM, October 16, 2018 ) Many farmers across the world are shifting from chemical fertilizers to organic fertilizers. Organic fertilizers are carbon-based compounds that increase the productivity and growth quality of plants. Using organic fertilizers helps ensure food produced from these... more

Organic Is The New Aroma Of Choice!

(EMAILWIRE.COM, October 15, 2018 ) Customers are in favor of products with natural ingredients. There is an increase in demand for safe, natural and organic products. Customers are avoiding products with harmful substances like aluminium compounds which may cause cancer. Manufacturers are now offering... more

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