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CompressionZ Pleased To Announce Second Anniversary With Extended Product Range

(EMAILWIRE.COM, March 24, 2015 ) Sydney, NSW -- CompressionZ is proud to announce its second anniversary. The Sydney, Australia based brand has been operating for two years, after having set up their online store in 2013. The future looks bright for CompressionZ - the company has recently expanded...more

CompressionZ Releases Youth Size Products

(EMAILWIRE.COM, March 24, 2015 ) Sydney, NSW -- CompressionZ , the frontline manufacturer of compression sleeves, has released a new range of premium quality youth size products for the younger generation. These new range of athletic compression sleeves include arm sleeves, padded arm sleeves, knee...more

Now Available In Amazon The New Foot Sleeves By CompressionZ

(EMAILWIRE.COM, March 16, 2015 ) Sydney, NSW -- Foot Sleeves from CompressionZ - designed to help relieve any pain or discomfort from stress fracture, achiles tendon, edema, and plantar fasciitis. The compression socks provide support for the foot, heel, and arch, and are ideal for anyone who enjoys...more

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Compression Pants From CompressionZ For Active Individual

(EMAILWIRE.COM, March 16, 2015 ) Sydney, NSW -- CompressionZ is proud to introduce its Compression Pants Men's Tights Base Layer Leggings - ideal for anyone who enjoys playing basketball, training in the gym, or running. This adaptable and comfortable piece of clothing has been designed for active...more

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CompressionZ Releases Compression Sock's New Featured Colors For Both Men And Women

(EMAILWIRE.COM, March 11, 2015 ) Sydney, NSW -- CompressionZ, a renowned compression clothing brand, is happy to announce the release of Compression Sock's New Colors. After the success of the original model, there was a high demand for new colors, as customers wished to diversify their wardrobe...more

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CompressionZ, New Heart Rate Monitor Watch HRMW2 Is Now Available In Amazon For Active Individuals

(EMAILWIRE.COM, March 09, 2015 ) Sydney, NSW -- CompressionZ is pleased to announce the release of the new Heart Rate Monitor Watch HRMW2. It is carefully manufactured item that was created to suit the needs of a very large group of customers. It was clearly designed using a customer-oriented...more

CompressionZ Knee Sleeves Is Available For Sporty Individuals

(EMAILWIRE.COM, March 04, 2015 ) Sydney, NSW -- CompressionZ knee sleeves are now officially released and are available for anyone who is looking for knee protection and support. Knee problems can negatively affect the quality of life by becoming a hindrance for a person to perform simple daily tasks....more

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CompressionZ Latest Product Release: Balaclava Compression Face Mask

(EMAILWIRE.COM, March 03, 2015 ) Sydney, NSW -- New Balaclava Compression Face Mask Created by CompressionZ is Now Available in Amazon CompressionZ, a reputable compression clothing company, is glad to announce the launch of Balaclava Compression Face Mask, a highly useful and convenient mask...more

CompressionZ Arm Sleeves For Kids Are Now Available At Amazon

(EMAILWIRE.COM, February 25, 2015 ) Sydney, NSW -- The CompressionZ Arm Sleeves For Kids can be used to protect childrens arms against direct sunlight, keeping them cool and comfortable throughout the day. It is also popular amongst teens who engage in extracurricular sport activities such as basketball,...more

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CompressionZ Develops Compression Knee Sleeves Specially Designed For Kids

(EMAILWIRE.COM, February 16, 2015 ) Sydney, NSW -- CompressionZ Develops Compression Knee Sleeves Specially Designed For Kids The knee sleeves which are perfect for basketball, football, crossfit, running and other sports are currently available on Amazon. Any kid who is involved in amateur or...more

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CompressionZ Releases A New Watch Designed For Sporty

(EMAILWIRE.COM, February 10, 2015 ) Sydney, NSW -- - A New Heart Rate Monitor Watch is being introduced by a company known for offering high-quality compression wear. The company is known as CompressionZ, and their latest Heart Rate Monitor Watch is designed for men and women who are into action...more

CompressionZ Releases Padded Knee Sleeves For Kids

(EMAILWIRE.COM, February 09, 2015 ) Sydney, NSW -- CompressionZ pleased to announce New Padded Arm Sleeves Youth Size Recent times have seen a lot of diversification in the sports market, with sports kit makers working hard to come up with products that can meet specific needs of customers. Perhaps...more

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CompressionZ Latest Product Release: Foot Sleeves

(EMAILWIRE.COM, February 02, 2015 ) Sydney, NSW -- CompressionZ serves its customers with its latest product release. Also known as an ankle sock, these foot sleeves are of great utility while going about one's daily schedule. They are available in pairs to be used together or separately while keeping...more

CompressionZ Foot Sleeves Now Available In Amazon

(EMAILWIRE.COM, January 29, 2015 ) Sydney, NSW -- CompressionZ Foot Sleeves are now available in Amazon. They help to relieve swelling and aching around the foot area. They target six special support zones and provide triple levels of compression for enhanced effectiveness. This product is made from...more

CompressionZ is devoted to offer diverse products that are available even in youth size for young budding athletes.

(EMAILWIRE.COM, January 26, 2015 ) Sydney, NSW -- As most seasoned athletes would readily know, most contact sports necessitate a lot of prior attention to mobility and safety concerns to be able to perform satisfactory. With this in mind, there are plenty of accessories such as arm sleeves as well...more

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