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EmailWire.Com press release writing tips: Get tips on how to write a press releases by learning the definition of a press release, press release components and formats, press release optimization, and how to write news worthy press releases. provides search engine optimized press release distribution and writing services.

What is a Press Release or a News Release?
A press release is a written statement about a product, service, event, an entity a person or an organization. This written statement is presented to traditional media or distributed online. When a press release is distributed to media, it is hoped that a journalists... more

How to Write a Title of a Press Release
The title your press release should be succinct. It should grab interest or attention of your readers. The title of your release should lead your reader to the next paragraph. Your release title should be short, spellbinding and comprise of keywords relevant to... more

Make Your Press Release Newsworthy
Before you start to write a press release, make sure you have something to write about. That thing should be newsworthy with a spellbinding title. Whatever you have to say, say it timely, and say it in the first paragraph so that it catches the attention of your... more.

How to Write a Press Release in Inverted Pyramid Style
To write a press release in inverted pyramid means you present the most relevant information in the first paragraph followed by less important information in paragraphs that follow. Hook your audience If you have something important to say about your product,... more.

How to Increase Readability of a Press Release in RSS Feed
Really Simple Syndication (RSS) has become another means of businesses to reach their clients, particularly through press release distribution. Businesses can increase click-throughs of their press releases by including the most important message within the first... more.

Industry Definition of Press Release Terms
Here are some press release terms or keywords that you should know if you are new to press releases .... more.

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