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( EMAILWIRE.COM, July 07, 2004 )†San Diego, CA -- You have launched that business you planned, and it is time to market it to your audience, so your first approach is to write a press release and send it to your local media outlets: newspapers, radio and television stations. You stuff the news release in envelops and drop it at the post office, or you place the release on your fax machine and zapped it to selected journalists. If you have e-mails addresses, you fired the release from your e-mail client to your target journalists. If you are lucky, your release reaches the selected journalists on time, and if they are interested in your content, they cover your story. If you are not lucky, your press release is trashed, and that becomes the end of it, at least for now, until you take a second approach.

To take the second approach, you decided to go online. You conduct a search for press release distribution service on Google, Yahoo, MSN or any of your favorite search engines. A list of press release distribution companies appears. You do your research and decided to use one of the press release distribution companies, for example, Emailwire.comô. You submit your press release to Emailwire.comô, the next day, your press release appears on Google News, Yahoo News and other major online news services.

Are there any benefits between the first and the second approach? Unlike the first approach, the second approach enables you to instantly publish your business news online. The instantaneous publication of your press releases online is your number one benefit of using online press release distribution services.

The second benefit is when a service like Emailwire.comô distributes your release to other online media channels. Top media channels like Yahoo News receive your press release and publish it instantly, while some news sites will publish your release at a later date. News aggregators such as Google News and crawl news sites like Yahoo News and place summaries on their servers or news sites. These aggregators in turn syndicate their summaries to other micro news sites, online databases, intranets and individual subscribers.

The third benefit is that your press release is featured as current top news in your industry. When Emailwire.comô publishes your story on Yahoo News; other search engines such as Alta Vista, and Google prominently feature your release on the top spot when a user conducts a search with a key word that appears on the title of your release. Sometimes the aforementioned search engines will display part or the whole title of your release Ė depending on the length of your release. When your release is highlighted, you rip instant benefit of putting your business in front of millions of your target audience for days and sometimes up to a week.

While not all search engines will feature your release, many major search engines such as Yahoo, Google, Excite, Lycos, WebCrawler, and will index press releases from Emailwire.comôís archives. Hence, the fourth benefit is that, when you use online press release distribution service, your press release is indexed on major search engines so that end-users, researchers or even journalists find information about your company at a later date.

The fifth benefit with online press release distribution is through Rich Site Summary (RSS) services. When you publish your press release on Emailwire.comô, your press release is converted into RSS and it is syndicated to RSS news indexing sites. Several RSS search engines such as NewsIsFree, Blogdiggers, Daypop and many others, pick news releases from Emailwire.comô and index them on their servers. Online users, including journalists, researchers and consumers use these sites to look for information or breaking news on products and services.

If end-users do not go to search engines for news and information, they receive it on their e-mail boxes or on their RSS newsreaders. Many news sites, like Emailwre.comô, allow online users to subscribe to news based on their target interests. Google News enables its users to subscribe to news via e-mail based on keyword. These methods of news delivery is the sixth benefit you rip by using online services to distribute your press release.

There you have them -- six benefits of using online press release distribution services. When you use an online service, your news is published online instantly, archived and distributed to news channels that not only publish your news online again, but they syndicate your release to other news sites and their subscribers. The result is a viral benefit. Another benefit is the featuring of your business on top of major search engines based on your target industry for thousands of online users who are interested in your product or service.

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