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Latin America Genome Editing Market size quickly expanding to reach USD 0.62 billion by 2021

(EMAILWIRE.COM, April 24, 2018 ) The Latin America Genome Editing Market was worth USD 0.31 billion in 2016 and estimated to be growing at a CAGR of 14.92%, to reach USD 0.62 billion by 2021. Genome editing is the deliberate alteration of a selected DNA sequence in a living cell. It involves cutting... more

MEA Feed Palatability Enhancers and Modifiers Market is at the cusp of crossing USD 2.04 billion in 2021 | Market Data Forecast

(EMAILWIRE.COM, April 23, 2018 ) The Middle East and Africa Feed Palatability Enhancers and Modifiers market is estimated to reach USD 0.21 billion by 2021 from a market value of USD 0.17 billion in 2016 at a CAGR of 3.75%. The Feed Palatability Enhancers & Modifiers market is showcasing significant... more

Tangential Flow Filtration Market Share, Size, Growth & Forecast 2021

(EMAILWIRE.COM, April 20, 2018 ) Market Data Forecast has announced the addition of the “Tangential Flow Filtration Market: Global Industry Analysis and Opportunity Assessment 2016 – 2021" report to their offering. In substance designing, biochemical building and protein cleansing, crossflow filtration... more

Future trends in Animal Breeding due to new genetic technologies is attributing to the growth of Latin America Animal Genetics Market

(EMAILWIRE.COM, April 17, 2018 ) Animal genetics is a department of genetics that research the heredity and variation mainly in farm animals and also in home and wild animals. It is primarily based on standard genetic principles and ideas, and it, in particular, utilizes the hybrid, cytological,... more

Latin America Hydroponics Market 2017-2021: Market is Anticipated to Expand at a Significant CAGR of 16.7%

(EMAILWIRE.COM, April 14, 2018 ) The Latin America Hydroponics Market had a market value of USD 38.21 million in 2016 and is forecasted to exhibit a CAGR of 16.7% and reach USD 82.01 million by 2021.Hydroponics is a part of hydroculture where plants are developed with their roots suspended specifically... more

North America Phosphatic Fertilizers Market Opportunities and Strategic Focus Report

(EMAILWIRE.COM, April 12, 2018 ) The North America Phosphatic Fertilizers Market was worth $13.25 billion in 2016 and estimated to be growing at a CAGR of 2.7%, to reach $15.14 billion by 2021. The North American phosphatic fertilizer industry is estimated to grow at a sturdy rate. The factors assisting... more

Healthcare Analytics in Latin America on the rise due to increased expenditure in healthcare and innovation in technology

(EMAILWIRE.COM, April 12, 2018 ) The term healthcare analytics encompasses the healthcare analysis activities that can be done on the basis of the collected data from the areas of healthcare. These areas/segments include pharmaceutical R&D, claims and costs, patient behavior and preferences, and... more

Cell-Based Assay Market with business strategies and analysis to 2021.

(EMAILWIRE.COM, April 12, 2018 ) Overview Cell-based assays cover a range of assays that measure cellular parameters akin to cell toxicity, proliferation, production of markers, activation of specific signal pathways, mobility, and changes in morphology. These assays have high sensitivity owing... more

North America Feed Testing Market by Type and Size Industry Report 2016-2021

(EMAILWIRE.COM, April 11, 2018 ) The North America Feed Testing Market is anticipated to reach USD 314.27 billion by way of 2021 from USD 204.91 billion in 2016, growing at a CAGR of 8.Ninety three%. The Feed Testing marketplace is forecasted to expose remarkable capability over the stated duration.... more

Global Liquid Biopsy Market at a CAGR of 23.4% during the forecast period | Research Cosmos

(EMAILWIRE.COM, April 11, 2018 ) The global liquid biopsy market is projected to reach USD 2,047.9 Million by 2022 from USD 715.7 Million in 2017, at a CAGR of 23.4%. Factors such as increasing prevalence of cancer, increasing preference for noninvasive procedures, initiatives undertaken by government... more

North America Fish Feed Market Trends, And Forecasts (2017–2022)

(EMAILWIRE.COM, April 10, 2018 ) The North America Fish Feed Market was worth USD 37 billion in 2017 and estimated to be growing at a CAGR of 9.92%, to reach USD 59.4 billion by 2022. Fish Feed is an important part of modern commercial aquaculture, providing the balanced nutrition needed by farmed... more

Seed Treatment increasing yields and supplementing the supply of agricultural produce

(EMAILWIRE.COM, April 10, 2018 ) The application of biological organisms or chemical ingredients to the seeds which aids in the controlling, suppressing or repelling of pests, pathogens, or insects which attack plants, seeds, or seedlings, is known as the process of seed treatment. These processes... more

HIV Therapeutics aiding the fight against AIDS

(EMAILWIRE.COM, April 10, 2018 ) The history of the incidence and treatment of the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) has been altered by the development of the drugs which target the two key viral enzymes, which are protease and reverse transcriptase. Continual advancements made in the field of... more

Latin America Gynaecological Devices Market Research Report

(EMAILWIRE.COM, April 07, 2018 ) Latin America Gynaecological Devices Market: By Product (Surgical Devices (Endometrial Ablation Devices, Female Sterilization and Contraceptive Devices, Gynaecological Endoscopy Devices, Fluid Management Systems) Hand Instruments (Tenaculum, Vaginal Speculum, Curettes,... more

Garden Pesticides in Latin America on the rise due to increase in demand and rising disposable incomes

(EMAILWIRE.COM, April 06, 2018 ) The substances used for the controlling of pests as well as weeds are known as pesticides. A variety of substances such as insecticides (including termiticides, insect growth regulators, etc.), molluscicide, insect repellant, bactericide, rodenticide, herbicide, piscicide,... more

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