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LionHeart Supplements 60 Day Money Back Guarantee For Milk Thistle Supplement

(EMAILWIRE.COM, June 30, 2015 ) New York, Richmond -- LionHeart Supplements latest release Milk Thistle Supplement is now offering a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. This service is offered by who cover a 30 day period, LionHeart Supplements have extended this to a 60 day period giving customers... more

Turmeric A Popular Natural Remedy For Menstrual Cramps

(EMAILWIRE.COM, June 30, 2015 ) Orlando, FL -- There are women who go through their period without any trouble at all. However, there are also those who experience unbearable pain from menstrual cramps. While there are pain relief drugs available, the use of these medications is not encouraged due... more

Crafty World Offers A 60% Discount For All 3 New Self Healing Cutting Mat Sizes

(EMAILWIRE.COM, June 30, 2015 ) Wilmington, Delaware -- Crafty World will be offering a 60% discount for all Self Healing Cutting Mat sizes. This includes the 2 new sizes that the team has just recently released in The cutting mat sizes include, the 9 x 12 inches cutting mat, the 12 x... more

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New Update For The Fifth National Preppers And Survivalists Expo At Kentucky

(EMAILWIRE.COM, June 30, 2015 ) Foley, Alabama -- The Fifth National Preppers and Survivalists Expo will be held on October 10 to 11, 2015 at 221 Fourth Street Louisville, Kentucky International Convention Center. On the first day, the program starts 9 in the morning up to 5 in the afternoon. On... more

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King Athletic Reveals Three Advantages Of Using The Best Selling 2-in-1 Foam Roller

(EMAILWIRE.COM, June 30, 2015 ) Wilmington, Delaware -- King Athletic , bestselling sports brand that recently launched its 2-in-1 Foam Roller, reveals three reasons why people should use foam roll on a consistent basis. Injury prevention, faster muscle recovery and improved mobility and range of... more

Digital Pickpocketing Averted By Innovative RFID Blocking Sleeves

(EMAILWIRE.COM, June 30, 2015 ) Temecula, CA -- Radio-frequency identification (RFID) rfid blocking sleeves is the leading wireless data transfer solution for credit cards today. Unfortunately, with wireless data, there is always the threat of a security breach and digital theft. Known as "digital... more

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Marrgon Scores A 5 Star Review From A Top 1000 Amazon Reviewer

(EMAILWIRE.COM, June 30, 2015 ) Monterrey, Nuevo León -- In the online world, reviews are a way of expressing the experience a person had with a given product, service, or company, and they facilitate communication between consumers that helps them in the decision making process when evaluating a... more

Running Is A Good Idea For Exercise That Often Turns Bad

(EMAILWIRE.COM, June 30, 2015 ) Olympia, Washington -- Running is: • The most widespread individual sport • Good cardiovascular exercise • Great calorie burner • Inexpensive Sounds reasonable and logical, and that is the lure of running, but studies agree that at least 70% of runners will... more

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Pro Kitchen Tools Announces Final Liquidation Blowout For Pro Spiral Slicer

(EMAILWIRE.COM, June 30, 2015 ) Canberra, New South Wales -- Pro Kitchen Tools announced today that it will be holding a final liquidation sale on its popular Pro Spiral Slicer kitchen gadget to make room for new stock. The company is offering unprecedented volume pricing. From July 1 through July... more

Chantilly Health Issues Caution On Unauthorized Online Sales

(EMAILWIRE.COM, June 30, 2015 ) Largo, Florida -- Chantilly Health and Nutrition, maker of all-natural, enzyme-based supplements that help with digestion, issued a caution today regarding unauthorized sales of its products on online sites such as Ebay. Chantilly exclusively distributes its products... more

Wusic’s Womb Music, Named Hottest New Release On Amazon

(EMAILWIRE.COM, June 30, 2015 ) Gilbert, South Carolina -- Bonding with a pregnant mom's baby-to-be can be a fulfilling experience and comes natural for a mother who can feel her child's slightest movements in her womb. Indeed, recent studies have indicated that these early connections can have lasting... more

Leading Fitness Manufacturer TLV Fitness Releases A Foam Roller For HIT Lovers

(EMAILWIRE.COM, June 30, 2015 ) London, United Kingdom -- High Intensity Training (HIT) fundamental principles are that exercises should be brief, infrequent, and intense. Each exercise is performed with a high level of intensity and effort, where it is thought that it will stimulate the body to... more

Toy Manufacturer Uses Water Balloons To Fight Child Illiteracy

(EMAILWIRE.COM, June 30, 2015 ) Clearwater, FL -- By now, consumers are familiar with the new wave of water balloon toys that can fill and tie up to 148 water balloons in a minute. But one toy company is using the product's popularity to motivate kids to read and write more during the summer vacation. "After... more

Qlty First Kitchenware Products Releases New Professional Garlic Press

(EMAILWIRE.COM, June 30, 2015 ) Beaverton, Oregon -- Many chefs agree few things can make a meal come to live as powerfully as fresh garlic. Home kitchen accessories company Qlty First recently announced the launch of their new Qlty First Professional Garlic Press, bringing an easy to use, affordable... more

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Sancho & Lola's Closet Is A New Pet Product Brand That Was Inspired By Two Abandoned Pointers

(EMAILWIRE.COM, June 30, 2015 ) Lewisville, Texas -- Sancho and Lola's Closet is a new line of premium pet products committed to supporting dog rescue organizations. Founder, President, Lynette Cano-Aguirre was inspired to start this company in 2014 by her two German Shorthair Pointers she adopted... more

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