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Harpenden Skin Clinic: Your Go-To Clinic For High-Quality Botox Treatments

Harpenden Skin Clinic (harpendenskinclinic.com) gives its customers another chance to bring back their youthful glow and radiance at an affordable price. Their non-surgical Botox Hertfordshire wide treatments are performed by highly trained skincare specialists and guarantee the utmost safety of the customers.

Botox treatment is the best solution to fight the bad effects of ageing as it tightens loose skin and lessens the definition of wrinkles. Botox targets all the areas of the face such as the forehead, under eyes, jawline, and chin. This cutting-edge technology treatment is non-surgical and will use incredibly small needles for the execution of aesthetic injections, causing minimal to none pain. However, for people with low pain tolerance, a topical anaesthetic cream can be applied prior to the procedure to numb the specific area. Most importantly, the Botox treatment itself requires zero downtime and will only cause little discomfort to the patient during and after the process.

When customers avail of their Botox treatments, Harpenden Skin Clinic will give them a comprehensive thirty-minute consultation about the process before they execute the actual procedure. This session will cover all the benefits of the treatment, the specifics of the procedure, as well as needed after-care appointments and additional instructions. The excellent results of the treatment will be noticed within 72 hours after the procedure and can last for four to six months.

Harpenden Skin Clinic’s “one size fits all” beauty treatments have gained outstanding impressions from many people, helping them a good reputation and build a long list of loyal customers. One of their past clients, Mrs A White from Harpenden, shared her experience after undergoing a treatment in the clinic: "After analysing my skin and listening to my feelings about my appearance, Janne devised a treatment plan that was perfect for me. I look and feel younger and can’t thank Janne enough for her hard work."

The clinic accepts booking online, and their friendly staffs will guarantee customers a smooth and fast reservation process. To avail of their services and for more treatment details, please visit their website at harpendenskinclinic.com today.

About Harpenden Skin Clinic:

Harpenden Skin Clinic started its business in 2011. Janne Richardson, the woman behind its success, has been very passionate about her “less is more” approach beauty regiment techniques. As a nurse practitioner and aesthetic medicine expert, she decided to share her expertise by building a beauty clinic. With her employed highly-trained professionals and state-of-the-art facilities, everyone can surely obtain the best results from her offered services. If you have any questions or for clarifications, you can visit their website at harpendenskinclinic.com/contact-us-2 to fill out their contact form. You can also get in touch with the team through 01582 822000 or e-mail at info@harpendenskinclinic.com.

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